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The Conqueror  

Brief Introduction Willy Tsao, who has been cultivating modern dance in China for almost 30 years, is famed for his outrageous interpretations of Chinese legends and traditions. Amongst his most celebrated works are Sexing Three Millennia, 365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism and One Table N Chairs, which succeeded in raising many eyebrows among both critics and admirers. Based on the famous tragic tale of Xiang Yu, Tsao and Xing Liang puts the historical characters on a chessboard on stage and plays a game with the audience. Whether conquerors or pawns, as the famous pipa music Ambush from all sides rises on stage, the chessmen walk towards their destined fate employing a system of movement based on martial arts and question the making of heroes - are they born with heroic qualities or are they just products of destiny? The Conqueror is the first of its kind as Chinese modern dance drama and it also sets the best attempt for Warrior Lanling (2007).
Publisher City Contemporary Dance Company
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Language Chinese
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