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As If To Nothing   (DVD)

Brief Introduction Born and raised in a Tibetan family in Gansu Province of Northwestern China as a little shepherd, Sang Jijia went through a remarkable journey in his life from China towards the world dance stage: a "Star of the Century" in Guangzhou, an acclaimed modern dancer in the U.S., Hong Kong and France, and later the protégé of William Forsythe, one of the greatest living choreographers. Over the years he has distinguished himself as a dancer / choreographer of extraordinary talent and has successfully carved out his own choreographic place in both the East and the West. Let Sang Jijia take you to his world of dance in As If To Nothing, featuring exquisite set, cutting-edge lighting and video design, the adrenaline-packed live electronic music and the physically flawless performance of CCDC dancers. As If To Nothing examines the passage of time in the stream of memories with impeccable taste and style.
Publisher City Contemporary Dance Company
Publishing Date
Language Chinese
Type Choreographer
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