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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-10-21Belly Dance Salsa Fusion
2017-10-21Conference: Research Studies in Dance and Dance Archives in Hong Kong
2017-10-212017 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme "Tappy Time Travel" Touring Performance (October)
2017-10-212017 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme "Interactive Dance Theatre - Hug the O" Touring Performance (Oct)
2017-10-20Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-10-20Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-10-20Dance On' Series:
2017-10-18Western Folk Dance Performance
2017-10-16Frankie J & Toyin House/Afrobeat Workshop
2017-10-15Oriental Dance
2017-10-14Paloma Gomez 2017 Flamenco & Clasico Workshop
2017-10-14Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-14Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-10-13Western Folk Dance Performance
2017-10-13"Electric Girl" (Re-run) - Tsuen Wan Town Hall Venue Partnership Scheme
2017-10-13Jockey Club New Arts Power: Outreach Programmmes "Dance with Artists"
2017-10-12Tablao Sevilla Flamenco
2017-10-11Gypsy Jazz Flamenco
2017-10-09Miller Performing Arts: Musical Theatre Dance Workshop
2017-10-08Toy Story Dance Performance
2017-10-08Stars Gala 2017
2017-10-08Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-08Art All Around
2017-10-08Emotion Cup
2017-10-07Your Heart Will Lead You Home
2017-10-06Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students 2017/18: "Amidst the Wind"
2017-10-06"Our Frontier is a Nice Place"
2017-10-05MFC Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-03Caleb Teicher Tap Workshop

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