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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-11-04Freespace at Taikoo Place: “Meeting"
2017-11-04"Csardas - Hungarian Folklore & Others"
2017-11-03Joint-U Mass Dance 2017
2017-11-03"Contemporary Dance Showcase : Resurged Asian-Male Episode" - Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Venue Partnership Scheme
2017-11-03Modern Dance Drama of Tibet "Sham BhaLa"
2017-11-03"Fading Or Not!" Dance Theatre
2017-11-03"Le Corsaire"
2017-11-02House Waack Collab Master Class
2017-11-02On View: Hong Kong (Live Performance)
2017-11-01Experiential Lecture Series on Contemporary Dance "Decoding" (September)
2017-11-01Look Two Ways
2017-11-01On View: Hong Kong (Installation Exhibition)
2017-10-30舞運到 - 日本最潮舞蹈達人Namstrops 工作坊
2017-10-30Good Morning Class - 不加鎖舞踊館 X 日本 Namstrops「運動與舞蹈工作坊」
2017-10-30Teachers' 2-day Workshop - Foundations of Classical Technique Featuring the Preparatory Syllabus for Vocational Students
2017-10-29i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017: "Improvisation Land 70: Dance Under The Sky"
2017-10-29World Cultures Festival 2017: Mask Making and African Dance Workshop
2017-10-29Caper Folk Dance Group Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-28"New Paradise of Silent Island"
2017-10-28Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-28i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017: Solo & Improv - "AIRE Solo for My Mother" and "Improvisation Land 69"
2017-10-28Oriental Dance
2017-10-28Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-10-28World Cultures Festival 2017: African Drumming and Dance Parent-child Workshop
2017-10-28Square & Circle Club Folkdance Gathering
2017-10-27One Table two Chairs - Dance Project with Danny Yung
2017-10-26"Cattle Runway"
2017-10-23i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017: Dance, Multi-Media and Improvisation Research Week - Research Workshop 2
2017-10-23i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017: Exploring Dance and Movement Workshop3 "Move, Touch and Be Moved"
2017-10-22Folkdance Gathering

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