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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-11-17World Cultures Festival 2017: Vibrant Africa "Somewhere at the Beginning"
2017-11-17School of Dance Fall Performances
2017-11-17Jockey Club New Arts Power: Dance On: Contemporary Dance Theatre (Programme 2)
2017-11-16Jockey Club New Arts Power: Dance On: Contemporary Dance Theatre (Programme 1)
2017-11-14Battle-Or-Not Vol.1: Dance Workshop
2017-11-13Dance Performance
2017-11-13Performance by Ko Art Comprehensive Society
2017-11-12Versatile Folk Dance Folkdance Gathering
2017-11-12Dance Performance
2017-11-12Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-11-12Oriental Dance
2017-11-11Dance Parade in Tsuen Wan (Preliminary)
2017-11-11Oriental Dance
2017-11-11Nederlands Dans Theater 1
2017-11-11Appreciation Talk: The Making of "Lady White of West Lake"
2017-11-11Jockey Club New Arts Power: Outreach Programmes "New Arts Power Dance Forum Overseas Tour 101"
2017-11-10Western Folk Dance Performance
2017-11-10World Cultures Festival 2017: Vibrant Africa - "Tle (The Sun)"
2017-11-10Fantastic Swissend
2017-11-08World Cultures Festival 2017: Dance Workshop
2017-11-07Latin Gorgeous Singing Show
2017-11-05Folkdance Gathering
2017-11-052017 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme "Interactive Dance Theatre - Hug the O" Touring Performance (November)
2017-11-05Folkdance Gathering
2017-11-05Hong Kong Ranking 5
2017-11-04Forever DanceSport Open
2017-11-04World Cultures Festival 2017: Experiencing Kizomba Workshop
2017-11-04World Cultures Festival 2017: Surprise Dance
2017-11-04Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-11-042017 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme "Tappy Time Travel" Touring Performance (November)

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