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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-12-12Yuen Long District Dance Competition 2017
2017-12-10deFLOWER BALL
2017-12-10Modern and Jazz Dance
2017-12-10Parsons Academy of Dance Dancing Gala 2017
2017-12-09Apple Yu Dancehall Workshop
2017-12-09不加鎖舞踊館 #DANCELESS 演出暨分享會
2017-12-09Oriental Dance
2017-12-09Sleeping Beauty
2017-12-08The 27th Tsuen Wan Arts Festival: Ballet Drama Fusion Night
2017-12-08"8/F Platform XI - A Time Traveller's Note" (Programme 1)
2017-12-03Get up and Get down 2017: Waacking & Popping 1on1 Battle
2017-12-03Dance New World
2017-12-03Folkdance Gathering
2017-12-03Oriental Dance
2017-12-03Modern / Jazz Dance
2017-12-03Dance Day 2017
2017-12-03Hong Kong (Asia) Solo Dance Competition 2017
2017-12-03Hong Kong (Asia) Choreography Competition 2017
2017-12-03The 9h Hong Kong GrandSlam
2017-12-02Bionic Popping Workshop
2017-12-02McJo Waacking Workshop
2017-12-02Waackxxxy Waacking Workshop
2017-12-02Modern / Jazz Dance
2017-12-02The Hong Kong GrandSlam (One-dance, Two-dance & Three-dance)
2017-11-29"Dance Day 2017" Exhibition
2017-11-28嘻哈舞藝交流 (2 on 2 Breaking battle)
2017-11-262017 City Contemporary Dance Festival: "Moon-Looking Dog ?I Saw the Elephant"
2017-11-262017 City Contemporary Dance Festival - Hotpot : Shanghai "FROM IN"
2017-11-262017 City Contemporary Dance Festival - Hotpot: Japan "born somewhere, live somewhere.""one-piece"
2017-11-26Modern / Jazz Dance

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