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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-08-12Dancing life dance competition
2017-08-12"The Little Prince" (Additional Performance)
2017-08-12Folkdance Gathering
2017-08-11Asian Grand Prix 2017 Final Round
2017-08-11"The Little Prince"
2017-08-11Internation Arts Carnival 2017: "Shadow Space"
2017-08-10Little Dreams of a Ballerina
2017-08-1011th Annual Performance of IDANCESTOR
2017-08-09"Stage in Summer"
2017-08-09International Arts Carnival 2017: "Rolling Babies" Parent-Child Workshop
2017-08-08Asian Grand Prix 2017 Selection Round
2017-08-08Dance Performance
2017-08-07Hong Kong International Summer Dance School
2017-08-06PopCity HK Qualifer vol.3
2017-08-06Folkdance Gathering
2017-08-06Folkdance Gathering
2017-08-06WDC World Solo Championships Ballroom and Latin American Dancing & Hong Kong International Open Dancing Championships & The 11th HK Junior Artist & Hong Kong Championships
2017-08-05Dance For High 2017
2017-08-05"Dim Sum Adventures @ Lung Fung Teahouse 2.0" (Additional Performance)
2017-08-03Dance Competition cum Performance
2017-08-02Good Morning Class 鄭靈敏工作坊
2017-08-01Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award 2017:Solo Competition Junior and Adult Sections
2017-07-312017 HK Dance Power Competition: Guest Workshop - Locking Moon
2017-07-30Hong Kong Teachers Workshop with Marie Walton-Mahon
2017-07-30Folkdance Gathering
2017-07-30Dim Sum Summer Steps Dance Workshop
2017-07-29Chinese Folk Songs and Dance
2017-07-29Hong Kong International Summer Dance School
2017-07-292017 Hong Kong Dance Power Competition
2017-07-28"Blue Sky Through My Eyes International Dance Gala 2017"

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