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Date(Date of the first show)Programme Name
2017-12-31Let's Dance 2017
2017-12-31Wong Tai Sin District New Year Eve Social Dance Night
2017-12-31Plaza Hollywood Countdown Choreography Dance Competition 2017
2017-12-30Dakkha Dance Party 2017
2017-12-30ARC 2017 Dance Drama: "The Lonely Palace"
2017-12-29Osaam@Surcreamgoodman Hiphop Master Workshop
2017-12-29Cheers!' Series: "Eclipse"
2017-12-29Cheers!' Series: “Wi Wa Wit"
2017-12-27Vaiva Dancehall workshop
2017-12-27BUDA 1718 Crazy Party
2017-12-26Dance For Health-Social Dance Night
2017-12-26Dance Up
2017-12-26BCDC Christmas Choreography Competition 2017
2017-12-26Asian Elite Dance Competition- Pan-Asia Dance Competition
2017-12-24Folkdance Fan Club 30th Anniversary Folkdance Gathering
2017-12-23Oriental Dance
2017-12-22My Fantasy
2017-12-22"Dunhuang Reflections" 2017
2017-12-17Dance Parade in Tsuen Wan (Final)
2017-12-176th Festival of Dance and Cultural Exchange HK-SZ-MU-GZ
2017-12-16Attack on Krumpers vol 1.5 (All Style 2vs2, Krump 1 vs 1)
2017-12-16Western Folk Dance Performance
2017-12-16Western Folk Dance Performance
2017-12-16Modern and Jazz Dance
2017-12-16"Exploring Creative Moments" Choreography Course Finale Performances
2017-12-16Dance Performance
2017-12-15Olga Meos Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workshop HK 2017
2017-12-15"8/F Platform XI - A Time Traveller's Note" (Programme 2)
2017-12-15"The Nutcracker"

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