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My Life as a Dancer the evolution (Hong Kong Arts Festival 2007)     (Ballet, Ethnic, Chinese, Contemporary/Modern   Performance )

Hong Kong Arts Festival
Artistic Director:
Production / Performing Unit:
Hong Kong Arts Festival
Choreographer: CHAN Man-yee, Abby
Date 2007/03/23-25
Venue Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium
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Synopsis Not in the last 20 years have we seen such a labour of love evolving into this rare event. We love, we unite, we dance. My Life as a Dancer is an evolution of love. Sixteen lovers united with one big heart, dance the love matches: lonely hearts and happily ever-afters; narcissi, romantics and revolutionists; polygamous, monogamous and secret loves; and playboys/girls still searching for the next thrill. You think you’ve seen it all? Wait till you see them in the evolution! Come with your heart open. My life as a Dancer is going to be one big love fest this year!
Cast and Production CHAN Man-yee, Abby

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Number of Performance 3
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