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New Force in Motion Series:Tap Building     (Tap   Performance )

Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Artistic Director: Kwok Wai Kit
Production / Performing Unit:
R & T (Rhythm & Tempo)
Date 2010-/03/05-07
Venue Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre
Ticket Price $160
Synopsis The story takes place in a dilapidated guest house. People have come from all over the world, with their different stories and experiences in life. They may look like accidental travelers, but they have come with the same hope -- that of finding a ‘home’ where they can settle down. Even though they have a language problem, these people are able to communicate and become friends by making sounds that come from sheer instinct. It is as if they are revisiting their past. Looking at each other, they seem to recognize the same sorrows. They walk into that building with dilapidated windows and door, wanting to reconstruct their life. Then they realize, they can build a glorious future with their own hands. The place is no longer the dilapidated guest house as before…
Cast and Production

Reviews Record

Number of Performance 3
Programme Duration 1hr&15mins
Number of dancers / participants 14
Number of Audience -
Others -
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