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Giselle 2008     (Ballet   Performance )

The Hong Kong Ballet
Artistic Director: Choreography after Coralli / Perrot / Petipa, staged by John Meehan, Lin Mei-fang
Production / Performing Unit:
The Hong Kong Ballet
Date 2008/11/28-30
Venue The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Lyric Theatre
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Synopsis A full-length work in two contrasting acts, Giselle is in many ways the most perfect work in the whole repertoire of ballet history. The first act is driven by the plot and the second act, or the white act, is the resolution of the drama of the previous act. It is filled with evocative choreography containing wonderful romantic images, with [the corps de ballet’s hops in arabesque across the stage an iconic moment in ballet choreography. The title roles are cornerstones of any principal dancer’s repertoire. They require skill not only as a dancer, but also as an actor.

Giselle is the story of an innocent, kindhearted peasant girl who has a weak heart. She falls in love with a handsome young villager but soon discovers that he has deceived her – he is in fact Count Albrecht who has a fiancée. The news unhinges her and leads to her tragic death. In Act 2, at Giselle’s grave, the Wilis (spirits of abandoned engaged girls who rise from the dead to prey on the men who had wronged them) condemn Albrecht to dance until he dies. Giselle tries to sustain him until daybreak. The spell is broken and Giselle and the Wilis fade away, leaving Albrecht alone and sorrowful.
Cast and Production ZHANG Yao

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Number of Performance 5
Programme Duration
Number of dancers / participants 43
Number of Audience 3721
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