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BCDC Christmas Choreography Competition 2017     (Comprehensive   Contest )

Billy Chan Dance Concepts
Artistic Director:
Production / Performing Unit:
Billy Chan Dance Concepts
Date 2017/12/26
Venue Billy Chan Dance Concepts
Ticket Price $100
Synopsis About Vaiva Vitkute
In 2014 Vaiva participated in Dancehall International Pre-selection battles in Poland and won 1st place in 2vs2 category and 2nd place in 1 vs 1. Loving dancehall’s social aspect of dancing in parties together with everyone made her realize that competing against people is not for her, so she decided to continue her dance journey linking up with dancers from all over the world and just sharing mutual love for this style. Skilled at both female and male styles, in 2016 Vaiva was ready enough to start teaching as she was invited to share her collected knowledge in China (Fuzhou city), give workshop and judge battles in Russia (Nizhny Novgorod), give a workshop in Wicked Zone Camp (Saint Petersburg, Russia), judge DHQ competition in Hungary (Budapest) and give public and private clases in Portugal. She is known for her ability to bring out authentic, smooth groove in her dance and informative, clear teaching skills.
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