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"Exploring Creative Moments" Choreography Course Finale Performances     (Modern/Contemporary   Performance )

E-Side Dance Company
Artistic Director: Jacky Yu
Production / Performing Unit:
E-Side Dance Company
Choreographer: (Chinese Only)
Date 2017/12/16
Venue Cultural Activities Hall, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
Ticket Price $100
Synopsis 為你開啟創作之門,讓肢體連結內心世界,發掘對生活的想像。導師傳授編舞心得和技巧,分析舞蹈結構;拆解空間、意念、動作的關係和運用,從而啟發學員的創造力,引導學員編創具個人色彩的舞作,於總結演出中與觀眾分享成果。
Cast and Production Artistic Director: Jacky Yu
Instructors: Jacky Yu
Choreographer: 林港深, 陳海嬰, 余碧虹, 何佩凝, 林慧嫣, 張少麗, 曾麗姍, 馮愷琳, 何穎詩, 劉蔚彥, 白志源
Stage Manager: 黃碧芬
Lighting Designer: 蔡佑

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Number of Performance 2
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