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Cheers!' Series: “Wi Wa Wit"     (Comprehensive   Performance )

Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Cultural Presentations Section
Artistic Director: Dagmar Chittka
Production / Performing Unit:
Rauher Engel (The Netherlands)
Choreographer: Dagmar Chittka
Date 2017/12/29-2018/01/01
Venue Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre; Black Box Theatre, Tai Po Civic Centre; Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre
Ticket Price $200, $180
Synopsis (Chinese Only)
Cast and Production Creative Director and Choreographer: Dagmar ChittkaDancer and Performer: Dagmar Chittka, Margriet de Rijk
Artistic Director: Ferdi Janssen
Dramaturgy: Martina BrunsStage
Design: Wim SchermerProduc

Reviews Record

Number of Performance 8
Programme Duration
Number of dancers / participants
Number of Audience
Special Issue

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