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"Dance in Pssible V: 101"     (Modern/Contemporary   Performance )

Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Cultural Presentations Section
Artistic Director: /
Production / Performing Unit:
Y-Space (HK) Limited
Choreographer: Victor Choi-wo Ma, Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Date 2016/04/23-24
Venue Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Ticket Price $220, $180
Synopsis Dance “IN” Possible at its fifth episode. Dance artists Victor Choi-wo Ma and Mandy Ming-yin Yim, review their life in dance at the age of 50 + …!

Dance “IN” Possible series can be a reflection of the exploration and rethink towards dance by Victor, Choi-wo Ma and Mandy Ming-yin Yim who explore through dance in their various eras. Dance “IN” Possible series started in 1999 and four series have been staged, including Dance “IN” Possible I (1999), Dance “IN” Possible II – Dark Corner (2000), Dance “IN” Possible III – This is a Dance Performance!? (2000) and Dance “IN” Possible IV – Victor Ma’s Dance Exhibition I (2009).

The new production Dance “IN” Possible V :101 shall be staged in April 2016. Victor and Mandy are both over 50 years old (their ages add up to 101 years old). To this end, they hope to make retrospection for reviewing their dance career, and invited persons who have left a mark on their trails or affected them to collaborate in the creative work. The participants include artists and friends from various media; together with Victor and Mandy, they will jointly create the production and search for the possibility of 101 kinds of ‘dance’!

The programme contains nudity.
Cast and Production Conceiver Victor Choi-wo MaProducer Mandy Ming-yin YimChoreographer Victor Choi-wo Ma, Mandy Ming-yin YimPerformer Victor Choi-wo Ma, Mandy Ming-yin YimComposer Edmund LeungMusician Edmund Leung

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