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Hose of Dancing Water     (Modern   Performance )

LCSD - Cultural Presentations Section
Artistic Director: Ong Yong Lock
Production / Performing Unit:
Unlock Dancing Plaza
Choreographer: Yuri Ng
Date 2011/06/10-11
Venue Lecture Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
Ticket Price $180
Synopsis What’s in a name?
A hose is not a house, but a house is not a home. A rip-off of that other show,
U say? Where’s
Ur complimentary casino hotel accommodation,
U ask? Why are
U here? What role do
U play in the creative process? A house with
all-U-can-eat glitz-n-glamour dancing water? How do
U measure good art these days? Do
U always get what U pay for? What do
U want to get out of it anyway? Are
U listening? Are U watching? Are U feeling?
Cast and Production

Reviews Record

Number of Performance 2
Programme Duration 90min
Number of dancers / participants 6
Number of Audience 650
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