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Firecracker     (Ballet   Performance )

The Hong Kong Ballet
Artistic Director: Madeleine Onne
Production / Performing Unit:
The Hong Kong Ballet
Choreographer: Yuri Ng , Yuh Egami
Date 2011/01/28-30
Venue Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Ticket Price $500, $380, $280, $180
Synopsis Firecracker is a commissioned work by Yuri Ng, which took its inspiration from the traditional holiday fantasy The Nutcracker and transformed it into a ballet all about Hong Kong. Set in 1967 Hong Kong, Firecracker’s central character is an elderly props-man in a neglected film studio. As he reminisces about the past, his memories and experiences come alive to form a ballet mosaic, accompanied by the familiar The Nutcracker score by Tchaikovsky. As faded recollections are brought to life by images from old newsreels, the fast-paced ballet speeds through time, hurtling past events and fragments of collective memories.
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