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Alan & Becky Dance Group

Organization Alan & Becky Dance Group
Major Members 1)Alan Yu (Chairman) ;
2) Becky Lau(Artistic Director) ;
3) Lena Lin (Vice Chairman) ;
4) Shuno Yu (Executive Director);
5) Mandy Tang(Manager (Outreach)) ;
6) Kathy Ng (Manager ( Company));
7) S.H Yan(Officer (Company));
8) Kennis Li(Secreta
Founding Year 2006
Founding Members -
Type of Registration Dance Companies and Dance Schools
Source of funding -

The Alan & Becky Dance Group was founded by Mr. Alan Yu and Ms. Becky Lau in 2006 as a Hong Kong
non-profit organization. The mission of the Group is to
cultivate dancers' ccomplishments on dancing by providing regular, professional and all-round t

Contact Person Miss Kennis LI
Telephone (852) 2332 9555
Fax (852) 2332 9668
Address 7/F, Lim Por Centre, No. 110 Beech Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon
Email dancemode@gmail.com
Website www.abdghk.org
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