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Cai Ying 蔡穎
Type Choreographer
Organization Freelance dancer and choreographer

Cai Ying is an award winning dancer, choreographer and director who has been involved in all stages of dance for nearly 20 years. Born in Xiamen, China, she has worked and studied in Beijing, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, New York City, Boulder, Colorado and Bangkok,
Thailand. She began her career as a student at the prestigious
Beijing Dance Academy (secondary school and college) where in 2003 she completed a BFA in Chinese Folk Dance. She went to Hong Kong in 2006 to begin an MFA program at
the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in
Choreography. After graduation, she has remained in Hong Kong as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer. She has become a highly sought-after performer and director at arts festivals around Greater Asia, such as the Asia-Pacific Youth Arts Festival (2008), the Hong Kong Dance Festival (2010), Korea International T&D Dance Festival (2011), Singapore Youth Festival (2012), Hong Kong Peoples’ Fringe
Festival (2012), i-Dance Festival (2012), the Thailand SEAPA
World Symposium (2013), and more. Her Past and current companies and academies include: Xiamen Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts,
Hong Kong Dance Company, DanceArt Company, E-side Dance Company, Y-space, Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Hong Kong Dance Federation, and the Association of Hong Kong
Dance Organization.

Contact Person Miss Cai Ying
Telephone (852) 9263 4629
Email caiying.dance@gmail.com
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