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NG Sze-wan 吳詩韻
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Sze-wan Ng graduated with distinction from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Modern Dance. Ng received scholarship from HSBC Trustee Fund and Sir. Robert Black Trust Fund for her further study in New Dance in The Netherlands, Ng worked with several European and international choreographer and staged perform in The Netherlands and Germany. Her excellent performance won “Popularity Award” in X-Tanz Festival in 1996. Ng received a Bachelor degree at European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Back to Hong Kong at the end of 1996, Ng continued working as a performer, educator and choreographer and expanded her art concern into multiple art forms. Ng spent 4 years in Mindanao Island (The Philippines) and Ghana (West Africa). This exposure brought her into a different stage of life and artistic exploration. Ng returned to Hong Kong in 2004 and started to share her insights and experience through performances, education and choreography.
Ng’s major solo dance pieces after returning in Hong Kong were For Bajao and Water Filter. In Bare Stage Project 2006 & 2007- Fringe Festival Hong Kong, she was one of the choreographers/ dancers. Ng’s work as an artistic director, choreographer and dance instructor for Breee Across Us won her “Hong Kong Dance Award” in 2004. Ng’s first full-length solo concert 3Cs in 2007 has been much appreciated by dance reviewers. And her experimental dance video Shing Mun Redoubt was rewarded” Special Award for HK Dance Filmmakers” in Jumping Dance Video Festival 2008.

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NG, Sze Wan
  • NG, Sze Wan
  • Event Records
    DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
    2010/07/02Y-Space & Silesian Dance TheatreRE/evolution (Poland) Poland XVII Annual International Contemporary Conference and Performance Festival 2010
    2008/6Shing Mun Redoubt Choreographers and main performer (Solo)
    2007/8/31-9/23CsChoreographers and main performer (Solo)
    2007/2/3Bang...(spotlight Hong Kong in Singapore) One of choreographers and main performer
    2007/1/25Bang...(Bare Stage Project 2007) One of choreographers and main performer
    2006/1/26,28Programme I (Bare Stage Project 2006) One of choreographers and main performer


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