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Yuri NG 伍宇烈
Type Choreographer
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Born in Hong Kong in 1964, Yuri received ballet training in Hong Kong, Canada and England. He was awarded the Adeline Genée “Gold Medal” from the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1983 before joining The National Ballet of Canada as a dancer. His roles include Carnival King in John Cranko’s Romeo & Juliet; Mad Hatter in Glen Tetley’s Alice; Bottom in Frederick’s Ashton’s The Dream, as well as the Maitre D’ in Ronald Hynd’s The Merry Widow.

Since his return to Hong Kong in 1993, Yuri has choreographed numerous works including A Brave New World of Suzie Wong (Hong Kong Arts Festival 2001), Swan Lake (Hong Kong Ballet Group 2004), Min Jian Chuan Qi, an experimental project on Chinese folk dancing for Hong Kong Dance Company in 2005, Devil’s Tale, in collaboration with Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Pak Suet Sin’s Cantonese Opera Dream of the West Chamber and yeah yeah XI MEN QING for Hong Kong Ballet’s production Balanchine and Beyond in 2006.

Yuri received the “Artist of the Year Award-Choreographer”, from Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1997 and in 1998, he was awarded Prix D’ auteur at the Six Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis (Banolet) with his cChoreography of Boy Story.
In September 2006, Yuri was invited to choreograph two solo dances for the candidates at the Genée International Ballet Competition held in Hong Kong. Yuri is currently Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Ballet Group.

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NG, Yuri
  • NG, Yuri
  • Event Records
    DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
    2012/9/28A Cappella Theatre by Yay Po Singers Rock Hard Premiere of 2012 Tour EditionStage Director
    2012/9/22A Cappella Theatre by Yay Po Singers Rock Hard Premiere of 2012 Tour EditionStage Director
    2012/9/21A Cappella Composers\' WorkshopStage Director/Designer
    2012/9/10,17Dance Workshop: Space Travelling with Yuri NgDirector/Presenter/Artist Associate
    2012/8/9-12The Passage BeyondChoreographer
    2012/7/21Macao Tale - Let them eat \'rice\' cakeDirector/Choreographer
    2012/5/25-2723rd Macao Arts Festival: Zheng\'s Walls Have EarsArtistic Advisor
    2012/01/20-21The Hong Kong BalletFirecracker ( Macau)Choreographer
    2012/01/14-15The Hong Kong BalletBallet Classics for Children: Swan LakeArtistic Curator
    2011/10/7-23,2012/9/7-9,11-16AwakeningAction Design/Director
    2011/8/27-28,2012/7/27-29Know Your Ballet MusicArtist Associate/Choreographer/Presenter
    2011/06/10-11Unlock Dancing Plaza Hose of Dancing WaterDirector and Choreographer
    2011/04/15-17The Hong Kong BalletChoreographic Showcase 2011: Inspired by the Five Elements Choreographer
    2011/3/26-4/30Hong Kong Melody MakersHong Kong 2011 International a cappella Festival: 《時光機》Image Designer
    2011/3/1-2Rebecca Pan & THE BIG BAND 2011Art Design
    2011/01/28-30The Hong Kong BalletFirecrackerChoreographer
    2011/1/21-23,27-30The Passage BeyondChoreographer
    2011/1/15-31The Empress of ChinaChoreographer
    2008/11/28-30The Hong Kong BalletGiselle 2008Artistic Director
    2008/1/18-20Seals Players Foundation LimitedOthello Ch
    2007/8/17-18; 2010/10/15,22Hong Kong SinfoniettaA Soldier\'s Story Director and choreographer
    2007/05/18-20The Hong Kong BalletThe Merry Widow Main Performer
    2007/03/23-25Hong Kong Arts FestivalMy Life as a Dancer the evolution (Hong Kong Arts Festival 2007) One of choreographers and principal performer
    2007/02/06Hong Kong Dance AllianceHong Kong Dance Awards 2007 Artistic Director
    2006/12/7-2007/1/1Yam Pak Charitable FoundationPrincess Changping Assistant Artistic Director
    2006/8/23-24; 2007/2/27-28; 2008/5/30B.O.B.* - The Final Cut Main Performer


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