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Dick WONG 黃大徽
Type Choreographer
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A graduate of journalism, Dick Wong started to pursue a career in performing arts in the mid 90s. He has worked with Zuni Icosahedron, Edward Lam Dance Theatre and People Mountain People Sea to name just a few. In 2004, commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, he created B.O.B.* and later developed the piece into two different versions touring Paris, London, Berlin, Leuven, Warsaw, Fribourg and Singapore.

Contact Person Mr. Dick Wong
Telephone (852) 9492 6678
Fax -
Address -
Website -
Email dickcandance@yahoo.com
Blog / Social Network Account www.bodyobody.blogspot.com

Event Records
DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
2006/8/23-24; 2007/2/27-28; 2008/5/30B.O.B.* - The Final Cut Choreographer


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