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LAM Wai Yuen, Allen 林偉源
Type Both
Organization Muse Motion
Title Artistic Director

Allen Lam earned his MFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. A graduate from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Lam has a unique style that covers classical ballet, modern and experimental dance. Independently, he participated in the creation process of British choreographer, Robert Tannion's Fetish: Stories in 2003. As a choreographer, Lam was a co-founder of DanceArt established in 1995. He also received the Asia Cultural Council Fellowship to conduct dance research programs in New York in the same year. Allen also choreographed for the Hong Kong Ballet's Cultural Ambassador 2000 Ballet in Sneakers which received the Hong Kong Dance Alliance Dance Award 2001.
Later in 2004, he founded Muse Motion and produced Vibration in Stillness. In 2008, Lam teamed up with a group of multi-talented performers and imaginative designers for a splendid production Opening Doors With A New Set Of Keys as an extended vision from "Rhapsody In Dance" (2008). "Angel Within"(2006) was a solo creation followed his intimate collaboration with Rosalind Newman, Gabriel Fung and Franky Lung as a result of a long intellectual quest in the world of multimedia and dance forms. In 2007, Allen staged another solo production Space Within Shapes, which was presented by the LCSD in the Hong Kong Stories series. With a long time friend and awards winning director/actor, Tong Wong, he produced, choreographed and performed Moments In the Palm Of Your Hand in 2009. The well received show was also invited to performed at the Macao Cultural Centre's Black Box Series.
In 2005, Allen and Abby Chan were given the Hong Kong Dance Award for organizing and staging an influential bilateral exchange project Dance Wide HKNY. Lam has served as the artistic director for productions of the LCSD-funded educational projects for the Hong Kong Ballet, Muse Motion and the Youth Ballet of Asia.

Contact Person Yun Isabella
Telephone (852) 9150 5459
Address P.O. Box No. 8959, General Post Office, Hong Kong
Website www.musemotion.org
Email info@musemotion.org
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LAM Wai Yuen, Allen
  • LAM Wai Yuen, Allen
  • LAM Wai Yuen, Allen
  • Event Records
    DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
    2012/07/20-21Muse MotionFall Of A Sudden 2012Artistic Director and Choreographer
    2012/2/21-22Tony WONG, Allen LAMHymn of AngelologyChoreographer and Performer
    2009/04/30-05/02Muse MotionOpening Doors With A New Set Of KeysChoreographer and Dancer
    2009/04/09-12,16-19Muse MotionMoments in the palm of your handChoreographer and Dancer
    2009/03/15-18Muse MotionRhapsody in Dance EducationChoreographer and Dancer
    2008/10/29-31Muse Motion, Youth Ballet of AsiaBlue LakeAssociate Choreographer
    2008/07/25-27Muse MotionSpace Within Shapes Choreographer
    2007/12/07-09Muse MotionRhapsody in Dance Choreographer
    2006/09/23-24Muse MotionAngels Within Choreographer
    2006/05/21Muse MotionTwirling Haze Choreographer


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