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HUANG Lui 黃磊
Type Dance Artist
Organization Hong Kong Dance Company
Title Senior Dancers

Huang Lei graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy. He joined HKDC in 2001 and has performed in its performances including Dream Dances, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer and Red Poppies. He was also one of the choreographers of 8/F Platform – Min Jian Chuan Qi and Dancers’ Creation. His choreography of Min Jian Chuan Qi with Yuri Ng and other dancers, and his performance in Dream Dances received the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2006 and 2007 respectively. His recent major performances include Mulan, Qingming Riverside and Snow Fox. He was also the Assistant Choreographer for Desperately Seeking Miss Blossom.

Contact Person Eddy Zee
Telephone (852) 3103 1879
Fax (852) 2851 3607
Address 8/F Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Website www.hkdance.com
Email eddy.zee@hkdance.com
Blog / Social Network Account hk.myblog.yahoo.com/hongkongdance

  • HUANG, Lei
  • HUANG, Lei
  • Event Records
    DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
    2012/11/23-25Hong Kong Dance Company Plateau BluebellsDancer
    2012/08/17-19Hong Kong Dance CompanySpring Ritual . Eulogy Yan Zhenqing
    2012/06/09-10Hong Kong Dance CompanyEvacuation Order (Recorded Music)Dancer
    2012/06/01-03Hong Kong Dance CompanyEvacuation Order (Live Music)Dancer
    2012/03/16-18Hong Kong Dance CompanySeven Sages of the Bamboo Grove - A Modern InterpretationHusband
    2011/11/11-13Hong Kong Dance CompanyWorld Cultures Festival 2011 -- Enchanting Arts of Asia:Two Swallows - Ode To Wu Guanzhong Dancer
    17-18/9/2011Hong Kong Dance CompanyJoseph Koo's Classic MelodiesHusband
    2011/09/02-04Hong Kong Dance CompanyJoseph Koo's Classic MelodiesHusband
    2011/05/20-22Hong Kong Dance CompanyQingming Riverside (Fourth Presentation)Man with a Bag
    2011/03/18-20Hong Kong Dance CompanyDance RootsDancer
    2008/10/10-12Hong Kong Dance CompanySnow Fox Miao Renfeng
    2008/4/25-27Hong Kong Dance CompanyMulan Father
    2007/7/20-22Hong Kong Dance CompanyQingming Riverside Man Carrying a Bag
    2006/11/17-19; 2007/5/4-6(re-run)Hong Kong Dance CompanyThe Smiling, Proud Wanderer Yue Buqun
    2006/3/24-26Hong Kong Dance CompanyHands in Hands Au Yeung


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