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HO Ho-chuen 何浩川
Type Choreographer
Organization Ho Ho Chuen Dance Organizations
Title Artistic Director

Ho Ho-chuen was trained at the Yunnan School of Fine Arts for six years, specializing in Chinese Dance, Ballet and Chinese and Western Folk Dance. After graduation, he became a principal performer and choreographer of the Yunnam Song and Dance Troupe. He played the leading roles in The Red Detachment of Women, The White-haired Girl etc. With his representative works, including Sketch of the Cloudy Hills, The Mountain Girl Series, The Southwesterly Wind Series, Back to the Earth, Dragon Pulse Phoenix Spirit, As Time Goes By... etc., he has won many awards and commendations. He is often invited to lecture and teach over the world. Over the past 10 years, Ho has organized a number of international exchange programs and co-organized special events for professional dance groups. He has also published specialized articles about dance on regular basis. Ho is currently a Research Fellow of the China Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, Artistic Advisor of Taipei Folk Dance Theatre and Vice-chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Dance Organizations. He has been co-opted member (dance) of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Dance Sector Joint Conference. Ho has listings in various directories of outstanding personages in mainland China. In 2003, he was included in Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame as one of the outstanding dance artists in Hong Kong. In 2008, Ho is the chairperson of Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Dance), who is the driving force of Hong Kong Dance Festival 2009.

Contact Person Mr. HO Ho-chuen
Telephone (852) 2771 8256
Fax (852) 2771 8448
Address 1/F., 34 Man Ying Street, Man Fai Building, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Website hhc-dance.com
Email hohochuen@gmail.com
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Event Records
DateProduction / Performing UnitEventRole
2010/11/13-14Association of Hong Kong Dance OrganizationHong Kong Dance Festival 2010 - My HomelandOne of Choreographers
2009/03/07-08The Trace of MigratorsOne of Choreographers
2007/09/08-09Ho Ho Chuen Dance OrganizationsAs Time Goes By… Choreographer
2006/11/19Association of Hong Kong Dance OrganizationsOur Home, Our Story The 22nd Tsuen Wan Arts Festival Choreographer
2006/3/25-26Association of Hong Kong Dance OrganizationOur Home, Our Story Choreographer


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