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The Promotion and Development of Dance Education in Schools  

Author Amecia WONG Wai-yee
Source Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2011-2012
Date 2011-2012

Dance arts education in Hong Kong can be categorized into professional dance education and general dance education; this article focuses on dance education within the curriculum and as extracurricular activities, in local conventional schools. Most primary and secondary schools have included a dance component in their physical education programmes to expose students to dance. Some even employ dance professionals for interest classes and dance teams, sending students to join the annual Schools Dance Festival to gain stage experience. Since the implementation of the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure in 2009, two subjects namely Other Learning Experiences (OLE) and Applied Learning (ApL), have been introduced that feature arts education. Take dance as an example. In OLE, students are expected to learn dancing through experience and study in a more relaxing manner, whereas ApL requires students to already possess a certain foundation in dance. ApL also covers a variety of dance genres and theories.

To facilitate a meaningful and comprehensive analysis of how local schools develop and promote the art of dance, a questionnaire survey was conducted. This is followed by figures and discussion of the Schools Dance Festival, which is a platform for students to explore dance and for dance teachers and their students to stretch their potential. How much, then, have these achieved the higher goals of dance education of aesthetic appreciation, building confidence, and learning about different cultures? What should be the future direction of dance education in Hong Kong? These are the concerns of the present discussion.

For full article, please check out "Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2011-2012"

- The Performing Arts Center for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
- Hong Kong Education Bureau Curriculum Development(Physical Education)
- Hong Kong Schools Dance Association

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The Promotion and Development of Dance Education in Schools

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