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Dance Arts Administrators in Hong Kong  

Author Transcribed by LEE Yi Chun; Translated by Ray NG
Source Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2011-2012
Date 2011-2012

The foundation of the West Kowloon Cultural District, the subsequent heated social debates on the establishment of a department of cultural affairs, and the proposal on allocating 150 thousand dollars from the government budget to arts administrators training, have highlighted the demand for, and more importantly, the lack of, arts administration professionals.

For full article, please check out "Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2011-2012"

(arranged in last name alphabetical order )
Ms. Caroline CHEUNG,
Ms. Virginia LIU LO,
Mr. TSENG Sun Man,
Mr. Raymond WONG,
Ms. Isabella YUN

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Dance Arts Administrators in Hong Kong

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