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Hong Kong Dance Sector Joint Conference

On September 12, 1995, the Hong Kong Dance Sector Joint Conference was established by the members of four representative organizations in the Hong Kong Dance community, that is, the Hong Kong Dance Alliance (Willy Tsao and Chu Kit), the Hong Kong Dance Federation (Stephen Kwok and Pearl Chan), the Association of Hongkong Dance Organizations (Chan Hei-hing and Ho Ho Chuen) and the Hong Kong Ballet Group (Linda Fung and Lili Tsang), plus a secretariat (Liu Yiu Chee) as a non- profit dance organization. It aimed at grooming one of its members to be the elected representative of dance community in a government office in order to facilitate and exchange between the dance community and the government. The first chairman was Stephen Kwok and first vice chairman Willy Tsao. The current convener is The Hong Kong Ballet Group, vice convener is Association of Hong Kong Dance Organizations.

On July 1, 1997, the four major dance organizations in Hong Kong viz the Hong Kong Ballet Group, the Hong Kong Dance Alliance, the Hong Kong Dance Federation and the Association of Hongkong Dance Organizations co-organized the first HONG KONG DANCE DAY to celebrate Hong Kong’s reunification with Mainland China and associate with the professional “three companies and one academy”, that is, Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as well as the winners of the 33rd Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival in addition to the four dance organizations participating the performances on the same stage on July 6.

In 1998, its HONG KONG DANCE DAY was organized as a dance promotion event on the plaza of Hong Kong Cultural Centre with over thirty thousand people participating in the performances on several stages, competitions and gatherings. In 1999, it organized a lecture on Observations & Experiences of The Dance Education In Six Countries and Their Promotion to Hong Kong Dance Education with Ou Jian Ping as keynote speaker. In 1999 to 2000, it coordinated the editing, translating and publishing of HONG KONG DANCE HISTORY with Ou Jian Ping as both executive editor and English translator. Recent publications include Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2000-2001, Hong Kong Dance Organizations and Artists 2004-05 and Hong Kong Dance Yearbook 2006-2008.

2009-2011 Committee Members:
Position Organization Representative(s)
Convener The Hong Kong Ballet Group Ms. Ada CHENG
Ms. Helen Tsang
Vice-convener The Association of Hong Kong Dance Organization Mr. LAW Yiu-wai
Mr. TO Siu-leung
Secretary Hong Kong Dance Alliance Ms. Anna CY CHAN
Treasurer Hong Kong Dance Federation Ms. LO LIU Yiu-chee Virginia
Mr. KWONG Kwok-keung Kenneth

The Hong Kong Dance Yearbook Editorial Board is set up to monitor, direct and develop the outline and content of the Yearbook project. The Board is constituted by 1 or 2 representatives of HKDJC members (Hong Kong Dance Federation, Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Association of Hong Kong Dance Organizataions and the Hong Kong Ballet Group).

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